Work Injury Gap

Men are the victim of work related injuries at a ratio of 19:11 relative to women and yet no quota is put in place to force more women into dangerous fields.


Where is the outrage?
Where are the government programs to rectify this injustice?
When women seemingly earn less per year (doing different, much safer jobs) than men, the government rushes in to force employers to “rectify” this so-called injustice by paying women more for the same, or even less work. Turning women into financial liabilities, into a less profitable workforce.

There are no government programs to force women into back-breaking work, to carry a ton of shingles up a roof in 40 degree summer weather and yet the government keeps railing on an imaginary “wage gap” which is simply the result of women choosing easier, safer, more convenient, more fun careers, doing less overtime, doing less time overall, taking more vacations, working fewer night and weekend shift than men, earning useless gender studies diplomas, and a load of other factors all coming down to personal life choices.

Source: Employment and Social Development Canada

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