Local plumber demonstrate there is no glass ceilling by starting her own business.

A member notified us to this article in The Globe And Mail reporting on local entrepreneur Tammy Buchanan and her plumbing business Small Jobs Plumbing.

She is looking for another strong competent hard working woman to help during the busy spring and summer renovation season. Although this could be a case of sex discrimination, we have no doubt that women can do the job ( remember WWII? ) and would like to help her out.

So here is your chance to stop damseling yourselves, whining about fictional oppression, and do like Tammy: show that women can and always could, by DOING.



  1. Sherri B says:

    I’m wondering if you even read the article, which clearly states the reason she started her own company in the first place was because she was not being paid fairly? It also mentioned she had difficulty finding employment because she was a female plumber.
    As for your contention about discrimination because she’d like to hire another female plumber, the article clearly says she wouldn’t mind hiring a man, but would like to help support other women in trades.
    If you want to be credible, and bring support to your cause, don’t spin the truth.
    Just sayin’.

    • Samuel Heist says:

      I’m wondering if you understand basic capitalism and free market, and that when someone (man or woman) feels they’re not paid fairly they can quit their job and move on like she did. Has nothing to do with sex discrimination. I was underpaid at a previous job: I quit and found a better job. That’s life, cupcake.
      But feminists use something that happens to both men and women, ignore/omit that it happens to men, and cry sex discrimination using this in their oppression olympics.
      Feminism has turned into a competition about who’s the most pathetic and proudly declares that women are the champion at it. SMH

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