We’ve all heard of misogyny: the hatred of women, but have you ever heard of misandry? No? Neither has most spell check software. Misandry is the hatred of men. Comments like “men are pigs” or “men are dogs” or “men are scum” are misandric. Most people take these statements as jokes or good-natured ribbing. Honestly, sometimes they are. Sometimes it’s all in good fun to say “Blacks are pigs” or “homosexuals are dogs” or “jews are scum”, too. Still, reading those words probably made your blood boil, right?

There is no justification for society to be hypersensitive to degrading comments about every single group EXCEPT men. No justification, that is, unless you consider how oppressive and privileged men have always been, right? Men deserve it, right? After all, men have always sat around, smoked cigars, drank brandy and lived in luxury while women fought the wars, mined the coal and gave up their seats on lifeboats for their tyrannic male overlords.

…or not.

If you’re tired of having bullshit conversations or emotional exchanges that just wouldn’t happen were society to acknowledge that men are often good and women are occasionally bad, contact us.

Examples of misandry:

University law professor Elizabeth Sheehy says women are entitled to murder their husbands

Sexual assault is funny, when its against a man

Sexual assault is funny, when its against a man

Zazzle - Burn The Men

Zazzle – Burn The Men


Reducing the male population down to 10%

Reducing the male population down to 10%


  1. Nat says:

    “Misandry” is generally a jokey response to institutionalized sexism and misogyny — when women say things like “men are pigs”, they are responding (generally in an ironic or unserious way) to sexism.

    Men — particularly white, straight men — have a long history of being in positions of power, to the detriment of most if not all other demographics (including men of colour), so to say that these statements have the same impact is factually incorrect. Comparing these “misandric statements” to racist, homophobic, and anti-Semitic statements also doesn’t work — men have been subject to racism, homophobia, and anti-Semitism, often at the hands of other men.

    You are looking at an issue of power dynamics and attempting to flatten it to a one-dimensional plane, and it doesn’t work. Obviously there are instances wherein women are serious about this (though why anyone would write a book about it is beyond me), but overwhelmingly this “misandry” does not exist in an unironic sphere.

    Straight white men are the ONLY demographic that have institutionalized the hatred, degradation, and dehumanization of others on a global scale; be this racism, sexism, homophobia, or anti-Semitism, imperialism, etc. Misandry is not comparable to this. You are completely misunderstanding societal power hierarchies.

    • Orision says:


      A basic test I use to determine if something is sexist bigotry is to replace in a sentence ‘man’ with ‘black’ or ‘Jew’ and ‘woman’ with ‘white’ or ‘Aryan’, and then consider the new sentence. I then often exchange ‘woman’ with ‘black’ or ‘Jew’ and ‘man’ with ‘white’ or ‘Aryan’. If I find the result to something more at home among those with white hoods or red arm bands, then I may well have cut trough the nonsense and seen a clue to the truth.

      Given (let me know if you disagree with what I consider to be given, as this may be where we disagree) that discrimination based on gender, race, sexual preferences, or body type is evil, why is it acceptable to say something like “Straight white men are the ONLY demographic that have institutionalized the hatred, degradation, and dehumanization of others on a global scale” and not something like “Jews are the ONLY demographic that have institutionalized the hatred, degradation, and dehumanization of others on a global scale.”?

      Your statement may or may not be technically true, but if it is, it’s still fundamentally dishonest: The way you have written this sentence within your comment causes it to imply that white men are of inferior race and gender.

      It seems to me that you have judged all white men by what some people, who may or may not have been primarily white and male, have done. You’ve also ignored that it may also have been primarily white males (and in the case of the Soviet Union, white females) who put down the Nazis. Should I use your reasoning and judge all women by the likes of Andrea Dworkin and Valery Solanis? What about all the white German women who hated the Jews too?

      It’s not so funny and ironic when students in the USA are expelled from post-secondary education and banned from attending on the mere say of another human simply because the human accused was male and the accuser was female. Expulsion is an event that has a detriment on their life (that I currently suspect to be, based on my own quick and not at all rigorously scientific estimate) equivalent to them being in prison for 3 to 8 years. Their future livelihood is taken from them, their right to enhance their own enlightenment is taken from them, and they are not afforded a trial, because “men are pigs” and pigs don’t deserve a trial. The case is reviewed by unqualified people and the accused is not allowed to speak with a lawyer. ESPECIALLY in cases where government funds are used, all people should be treated equally by the law regardless of their race, gender, sexual preferences, or body type. There is real misandry out there, and denying the right to be considered guilty until proven innocent for any reason is wrong, and when the reason for being considered guilty until proven innocent is because you were born with a penis instead of a vagina, then that is misandry.

      The people who implement policy, throughout much of human history, have been the elite. Although you are not directly doing this, exactly, your comment reminds me of the many times Modern Feminists have used the apex fallacy to say that men have had it so much better throughout history by comparing the elite male rulers to the common woman of the era, instead of comparing the common woman and common man. There’s even an ad I see on television that says that ‘no one can understand a woman in the developing world better than a woman in any part of the world’ that seems to think a woman who’s lived her entire life with running water, ample food, decent police, motor vehicles, modern medicine, education, etc, has a better grasp of what her life is like than a male who is there and is also malnourished, uneducated, has little access to clean water, and so on. Do you really think the average HUMAN in the developed world has a CLUE what it’s like to live in the developing world? Yet this ad misandrically implies that men are so inferior at understanding women that even such differences as being in a developed vs developing country contribute nothing to difficulty of understanding what someone else’s life is like compared to the contribution made by being a man.

      You claim that white males are the only people to institutionalise many evil things on a global scale. Well, first of all, doing anything at all on a global scale has only recently become possible. Second, not that I’m agreeing or disagreeing with your statement, Western Europe was the first to generate globe-spanning empires that could doing anything on a global scale. This is neither to the credit or discredit of people form Western Europe, they were simply first. That doesn’t make them biologically inferior or superior. Third, a culture that spans the globe would likely retain much of what it was before it spanned the globe, meaning that whichever culture spanned first would be the first culture to do certain things, and also by being first be the only culture in a position to be able to do certain things. Look at cultures throughout history, and then realise that, regardless of the principle racial makeup of that culture, they would’ve been similar on a global scale too. Do you think only “white” nations (it sickens me to have to use your bigoted language for at least a semblance of brevity and clarity) have had institutional slavery, degradation, and dehumanisation? There are many xenophobic cultures throughout history, comprising many races. Many cultures have had slavery. Genghis Khan committed much genocide. He also committed androcide. Throughout history, cultures have a history of devaluing the common male as expendable cannon fodder, and that makes the use of the Apex Fallacy all the more nauseating. And yes, some cultures have devalued women too! Almost as if devaluing other people is what we psychotic hairless beach apes do! Do you think that by acknowledging that humans have been shit to each other throughout history instead of focusing on the evils done by whites or males and the evils done to females that I someone say women don’t matter? Because I think that by focusing on evils done by whites and evils done to females, and most especially by your comment combating groups that seek to fight further bigotry such as the bigotry of misandry, you say that men and whites don’t matter and don’t deserve to be treated as equals to women or to people who aren’t white. Does it gall you to hear me say that men and women are equals, regardless of the law? That men and women BOTH have just as much rights as the other?

      Do you know why you don’t hear about more genocides from throughout history? Because they were successful, so there’s no one left to complain about them! As you claim all white men are responsible for the actions of the Nazis, your logic should mean all white men are also entitled to the mantle of hero for defeating the Nazis, and either claim is ludicrous.

      I, personally, hold that it is evil to discriminate based on race, gender, sexual preference, body type, etc. I find that Modern Feminism perpetrates and agitates for such discrimination. Further, Modern Feminism vilifies those who fight against such discrimination. “Misandry is not comparable to [racism, sexism, homophobia, or anti-Semitism]” … spoken well as a true bigot who views men as unworthy of being treated like what men are: human beings.

  2. Dan Perrins says:

    If men are pigs that would make women the female version – sows.
    Women have raised the rulers you point to. So it is women who have taught their children to be what they became.
    That’s gotta hurt your feminist theory hinnie.

    But please continue on, your assumptions and claims are comical at best.

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