Homeless Gap

Even tho the homeless population was primarily male, at 73.6% (2012 study) Canada keeps focusing on the female homeless population and ignoring 3/4 of its population in need.

Reports financed by the government of Canada rather than recognize the overwhelmingly larger homeless male population as being the cause for homeless shelter usage by males, make unsubstantiated claims and illogical conclusion that women should be prioritized rather than address the population more affected or address the issues in a non-gendered way.

While the percentage of women in the homeless emergency shelter population is lower than men (males: 73.6%, females: 26.2% (Segaert, 2012: 14)) the unique circumstances facing women must be addressed.
This is the equivalent of having a house on fire, and demanding that the firefighters only hose down 1 wall and let the 3 other walls burn down.

Think the house will hold up?

Homeless_and_cold-Ed Yourdon Creative Commons (small)

Source: Wellesley Institute

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