False Allegations

Chivalry, in the context of modern gender politics, refers to the protected status of women and the expectation that a man NEVER hit a woman.
“A real man never hits a woman”
“End violence against women”
…these phrases are repeated endlessly in our society, despite the fact that men are the overwhelming majority of murder and assault victims. In fact, in Canada, women are even less likely than children to be murdered. We feel that prioritizing the safety of the demographic that is already the safest is indefensible and tremendously harmful. People are so worked up about defending women from harm that a mere accusation of harming a woman will often be all the evidence that the law and the public need to mete out punishment to the accused, provided the accused is male. If a woman is accused of harming another woman, well, you know; that’s different.

This rush to judgment undermines the presumption of innocence; that fundamental right within western law guaranteeing that the accused be presumed innocent until proven guilty. Rather, men accused of hitting women, raping women or even raising their voice to women are assumed guilty (and a particularly heinous guilt at that) until they prove their innocence. With public attitude so stacked against men, false allegations of rape or assault are bound to become more frequent, since nobody really cares about getting the facts straight when it comes to protecting women.

Even if a falsely accused man DOES prove his innocence, his reputation will quite likely be tarnished forever, whereas women who make false allegations are rarely ever punished or stigmatized in the slightest.

If you’re tired of watching witch hunts against men and false accusers going scott-free, contact us!.

If you would like to know more about this topic, “GirlWritesWhat”s video: Feminism and the disposable male, is perhaps the best place to start.

Table on the rate of false accusations with sources (wikipedia)

For those who say “women don’t lie about sexual assaults”: you’re wrong: they can make false allegations simply to avoid paying $3.25 each. As is typical in those cases, the police refused to press charges even in the presence of video evidence.

Fox News: 25% of rape allegations might be false.

Because there is a huge penalty for the man simply for being accused (even death by angry vigilante mob), and nearly always no penalty for the false accusers even when the accusations are proven to be completely false, for any crimes where this happens you will see a huge increase in false allegations used as a weapon against innocent victims.


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  1. Malcome says:

    Things are getting out of hand — read the news its getting worse. We have to start protecting ourselves and teaching our young men how to protect themselves from the politcial railroading / 1600’s Style Witch hunts.

    Laws needs to be changed because an “allegation” with out conviction leads to your assumption of guilt. There is no protection for men. period.

    Best quote ever: “This rush to judgment undermines the presumption of innocence”

    Dont wait around until it happens to you or your son(s). Its time to get organized now.

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