Education Gap

As of 2008 men accounted for only 42% of university enrollments and the numbers are steadily declining but no program has yet to address the issue of declining university education of male students while still more effort is put on female student subsidies. In 2003, the proportion high school student dropouts was 63% male students.

We are asking the government to address this alarming trend and stop neglecting the male half of the population.

high school dropout 2003

According to recent data on college and university enrolments in Canada, women accounted for over half of all college enrolments (55%) in 2006/2007, as well as over half of all university enrolments in undergraduate (58%) and master’s (56%) programs in 2008/2009.

Source: Statistics Canada.


  1. Rosalie says:

    because men who drop out of high school will statistically make the same amount of money as a women who finishes high school….

    • Orision says:


      Same age, same quality of work product, same job position, same location: women actually earn slightly more. Want to talk about the glass floor?

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