Nova Scotia Ignores Over 50% of Domestic Violence


  1. Evan says:

    Limitations of the study are listed within the study and include the fact that they did not look at severe forms of partner violence such as using a knife, choking or burning and they also did not look at emotional, verbal, psychological, or sexual aggression as forms of violence. With such a huge amount of situations not recorded, it is foolish to take the conclusions in this infograph as fact.

    You can read the study for yourself here:

  2. Evan says:

    I would like to add that the Nova Scotia’s page on Intimate Partner Violence requires a look by everyone. Men can certainly by victims of domestic violence and they should be encouraged to come forward when it is experienced, but the page does not seem to indicate that any sort of service for men exists.

  3. Dan Perrins says:

    Murder victims of an intimate partner

    1976 Male – 1,357
    Female – 1,600

    1980 Male – 1,221
    Female – 1,549

    Note: Categories used for intimate in this table
    are spouses, former spouses, boyfriends, and
    girlfriends (including homosexual relationships).
    Sources: FBI, Supplementary Homicide
    Reports, 1976-2000 and .

    After the 80’s we have the battered women’s defence upheld by the courts and the number of men who are murdered are then classified as justifiable homicide, not a murder. Add to that the ones who get a third party to kill their hubby.

    Your absolutely right Evan about no service for men and children fleeing abusive individuals.
    This is one of many points the MHRM highlights in their activism and writing.

    We’re open to public scrutiny about our views and positions.
    Is feminism?

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