Child Custody Discrimination

The current system regarding divorces encourages conflict and child abuse by turning the children into sources of income to be fought over by an unscrupulous parent, encourages resorting to parental alienation to secure such income, and encourages long legal battles to the financial benefit of the legal system and the detriment of children.

As a solution the children must not represent a source of income for any of the parents, and equal shared custody must be made the legal default unless criminal behaviour perpetrated against the children can be proven in a court of law.

Sadly, Canada clearly discriminates against fathers by forcing them into a situation where they cannot have equal time with their kids. A situation where they cannot make ends meet with part time work. The end result being that they are denied fatherhood by the courts 85% of the timeĀ  (Source Statistics Canada).

We need Canada to redress this inequality by helping fathers, giving them back their human rights. (Universal Declaration of human Rights, Article 12, Article 16, Article 23)

Canada must stop slavery by means of enforced financial child support, it is a violation of human rights. (Universal Declaration of human Rights, Article 4, Article 5, Article 23)

Canada must stop debtor prisons which it has ruled illegal, but blatantly ignores its own laws and International laws. (Universal Declaration of human Rights, Article 3, Article 5)

NOW (National Organization for Women) publicly opposes shared custody

Source: (web archive)



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