Safer with their fathers: Children 2.4x more likely to be killed by their mothers, boys murdered more often.

Why is the government ignoring this in its policies? The DHHS data shows that of children abused by one parent between 2001 and 2006, 70.6% were abused by their mothers, whereas only 29.4% were abused by their fathers. And of children who died at the hands of one parent between 2001 and 2006, 70.8% were […]

Nova Scotia Ignores Over 50% of Domestic Violence

Even though over 250 studies and even Statistics Canada have demonstrated that Domestic Violence has as many female perpetrators as male perpetrators and as many male victims as female victims, that it is not a gendered issue, Nova Scotia offers no help to male victims, nor therapy to violent female offenders. Domestic Violence is not […]

Man gets 18 months jail for getting his girlfriend pregnant

Craig Jaret Hutchinson of Nova Scotia, who pierced his condoms to get his girlfriend pregnant, has been sent to jail for 18 months after supreme court appeal. When women deceive men by lying about the pill, about having an IUD or removing it, or by piercing condoms, not only do they NOT get jail time, they get […]