Rosetta Project Scientist Gets Attacked For What He’s Wearing

So when people comment on female politicians clothing its sexism against women, but then feminists turn around and attack a man for his clothes claiming he deserved to be attacked for wearing this, essentially: he was asking for it.

A Salute to Robin Williams by

Men forced to undergo male genital mutilation against their will in Kenya

Feminists pretend to be for equality, I never heard them fight against MGM, while they love to pretend men have full rights over their own bodies.

Whoopi Goldberg Once Again Teaches Some Not-So Common Sense

Feminists protest men’s rights conference

Watch the latest video at

Karen Straughan Aka GWW – AVFM Men’s Conference Detroit 2014

Mens Rights and Freedom of Speech

A recent gender-swap parody of Halifax Police Dept. misandristic “Don’t be that guy” poster campaign has been posted around another bigoted man-shaming event also sponsored by tax funds: Jackson Katz to Speak in Halifax in a public school. To which A Voice For Men has spoken in complete support of peaceful campaigns exposing government-sponsored sexism […]

Safer with their fathers: Children 2.4x more likely to be killed by their mothers, boys murdered more often.

Why is the government ignoring this in its policies? The DHHS data shows that of children abused by one parent between 2001 and 2006, 70.6% were abused by their mothers, whereas only 29.4% were abused by their fathers. And of children who died at the hands of one parent between 2001 and 2006, 70.8% were […]

Thank You SNL

Thank you Saturday Night Live for giving even more visibility to the men’s rights movement. It was a clumsy, boring, unfunny, inconsistent, completely false, embarrassing for SNL, double face-palm worthy train wreck of a skit but hey, who can say no to free publicity on American national television! But next time SNL, try to remember […]

On White Ribbons

I’m so glad they are concerned with all victims, without discriminations.