Mens Rights and Freedom of Speech

A recent gender-swap parody of Halifax Police Dept. misandristic “Don’t be that guy” poster campaign has been posted around another bigoted man-shaming event also sponsored by tax funds: Jackson Katz to Speak in Halifax in a public school.

To which A Voice For Men has spoken in complete support of peaceful campaigns exposing government-sponsored sexism and hateful propaganda against men (Link)

We respect free speech, everyone is free to speak in public spaces, and unlike feminists at the University of Toronto we do not block doors preventing people to attend venues nor pull fire alarms, but we do not support public funds going into financing bigotry and sexism and will speak agains it, expose it,

including reversing genders on official government posters to expose the double standards and rampant discrimination against men.

We respect all the hard working police officers, men and women, who had no say in whether or not the official posters got approved by municipal management. And we ask that everyone understand this: the police staff of Halifax, on the street, working their arse off, putting their lives on the line, aren’t responsible for the management’s disapointing decisions to support a campaign slandering all men as potential rapist who needs to be reminded not to rape.

Don’t be that bigot.




  1. Factsseeker says:

    Gender swapping on bigoted posters and commercial adverts is a brilliant idea. Often, the perpetrators think it is fun and normal to demonize male human beings because men have for the past 50 years been progressively more and more dehumanized in the media and also in movies and novels read by women. This is an exellent way of confronting the bigots and demonstrating that they are behaving like bigots. Keep it up and possibly generalize the approach to other areas where men are discrimminated against eg the justice system.

  2. A Dad says:

    Well – I found this article on Metro Halifax interesting.
    Audio: RCMP mock woman’s domestic assault on voicemail, Nova Scotia police apologize
    and here is the SoundCloud link.

    Is it possible the RCMP realize the stupidity of the rules they are forced to labour under?

    It is a perfect example of how the false hysteria of “Rape Culture” devalues actual DV.

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