Welcome to the online lighthouse of Halifax’s Men’s Human Rights Activists community!

What do we mean by men’s human rights? Men experience systematic discrimination in parenting, domestic violence policies, education, criminal sentencing, paternity, forced labor, military conscription, public health policies, genital integrity, false accusations, reproductive rights, portrayal by the media & in the coverage of their issues by the news media. This group was formed with the goal of not only spreading awareness about these issues, but actually doing something about them.

We are part of an international network of human rights activists.

What is an MHRA (or MRA)?

An MHRA is a Mens Human Rights Activist; a man or woman concerned with the issues listed above.

What an MHRA is not:

An advocate of gendered violence, a rape apologist or a chivalrist. Some intellectually lazy individuals will tell you that the Men’s Rights Movement (or MRM) is about advocating violence against women, normalizing rape, getting women back in the kitchen, or taking away voting or reproductive rights, etc. None of this is true.

While there are wackos and kooks in every group, all serious and credible MRAs realize that violence will not further our cultural agenda. We do not seek to rationalize or normalize rape. We recognize men and women to be complimentary to one another and the last thing MRAs want is to further rigid gender roles wherein men are disposable utilities. We hold no animosity for men or women who choose career over family or visa-versa. Your life is yours to live, so live it your way!

We also do not seek special treatment or privileges for men of any kind. What we want is for everybody to be treated equally. We want equality of opportunity, not equality of outcome. Basically, we want society to stop lying about men, and stop blaming masculinity for all evil in the world.

Why not feminism?

Feminism and feminists have consistently demonstrated a complete contempt for men’s issues, ranging from inactivity, dismissal and downright hostility and hate such as “men deserve it” or “the male population should be reduced down to 1%” (link with references).

The most frequent reaction from feminists regarding male issues goes along the lines of “Women have it worse so shut up and wait your turn”.